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Goodness for Life Center's Health and Wellness Specialty Plaza consists of 92,000 space on 7 acres of land.  Within the plaza, our company will operate a 3 story, 36,000 SF Health and Wellness facility and lease out the remaining 56,000 SF to at least 4 different well established commercial/retail businesses that also specialize in health and wellness services and products.

Organic Food Market

Up to 35,000 SF is available for an organic grocer to serve as a co- anchor for the health and wellness plaza.

Vegan Restaurant

Up to 7,000 SF is available for a Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant Owner serving healthy food options including an organic juice bar, gluten free meals, and delicious meatless cuisine.

Day Spa

Up to 7,000 SF is available for a full service day spa and salon, offering natural hair, skin, and nail care services along with cosmetic makeovers, facial, body and foot massage.

Fitness Club

Up to 7,000 SF of leasing space is available for a health fitness club that will include personal trainers, group fitness classes, a swimming facility dance and exercise classes and much more!