Goodness For Life Center

“The Health & Wellness Specialty Plaza”

Goodness for Life Center (GLFC) is a new and innovative 92,000 square foot (SF) “Health and Wellness Specialty Plaza,” bringing together health oriented businesses, all at one convenient location.  GFLC operates a 3- story 36,000 SF health and wellness center and leases a total of 56,000 SF to other businesses with a primary focus on wellness including an organic food market, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant, a fitness club, and a full service day spa.  GFLC’s unique business model uses an integrative approach to wellness by serving the community as a “one stop shop” on ones journey towards optimal health

Our Mission

Goodness for Life Center (GFLC) is a health & wellness specialty plaza that promotes optimal health and well-being for individuals, their families and the community.  Our foundation is built upon respect for the fundamental principles of life and laws of nature which prevents illness and disease by restoring and maintaining the body’s normal homeostasis.